EMILY | A Film by ryan graves

In this somber, romantic drama, Rachael Perrell Fosket plays Emily, a young woman struggling to keep her marriage from falling apart. When her husband Nathan (Michael Draper) has an identity crisis, he realizes that he's not the man that she married. Worse, he realizes that he no longer shares their most fundamental beliefs. But Emily knows he still loves her and she strives to show Nathan that their marriage can still evolve. Yet he fears it's too late. As divorce looms, Emily fights to get her husband back.

THE BLACK SEA | A film by brian padian

Five friends arrive at a beach house on the Oregon Coast for a holiday weekend, expecting a low-key weekend but encounter something far from it. The grounded married couple, Charlotte and Paul, almost immediately clash with stubbornly contentious Michael and his naïve young girlfriend Lainie. They barely notice fifth wheel Allison who seems deeply troubled, but the other four don’t say a word or intervene, presuming relationship trouble as the cause. They all unpack, build a fire, eat dinner, and go to bed. But then, the next morning Allison disappears without a trace…