In this somber, romantic drama, Rachael Perrell Fosket plays Emily, a young woman struggling to keep her marriage from falling apart. When her husband Nathan (Michael Draper) has an identity crisis, he realizes that he's not the man that she married. Worse, he realizes that he no longer shares their most fundamental beliefs.



 "EMILY, the feature length debut from director Ryan Graves, takes a tiny-by-design story and earnestly goes deep, exploring the destructive impulses, badly timed stabs at nobility, and increasingly mixed signals of a couple on the brink. Without showy declarations of intent or roof-raising histrionics, it captures how people can be perfect together, until they aren’t."

-Andrew Wright | THE STRANGERRead Full Review

"In a startling, inspired moment that looks like something out of a Jean-Luc Godard film, Graves pivots his camera from a shot of Emily on the phone to a haunting exploration of the mournful space in her home. You feel hints of a strange energy in EMILY that remind us we don’t always know why we do what we do in relationships. The hard part is holding on for the ride.

-Tom Keogh | THE SEATTLE TIMESRead Full Review

"Writer-director Ryan Graves creates purposefully paced romantic drama about what happens when life pulls a couple apart... EMILY is a compelling film."

-Curtis Cook | WILLAMETTE WEEKRead Full Review

"The performances from Rachael Perrell Fosket as Emily and Michael Draper as Nathan are strong, giving the film less of a theatrical feel and something closer to a chamber piece. It's always easy to follow their train of thought because they play so much emotion in their eyes...It's remarkable that a micro-budget indie out of Portland can inspire such insight, but Graves and company have crafted something much bigger than its modest beginnings would suggest."

-Nathan Rasic | THE SOURCE WEEKLY | Read Full Review

"And since the story depends so much on its two principal actors, Graves was fortunate to find Fosket and Draper. For her part, Fosket imbues the character of Emily with a quiet determination that becomes the essence of her faith: She will not give up on the man she loves. Draper, in portraying a man who is caught between his love for his wife and his need to forge his own spiritual path, never makes Nathan seem less than human."

-Dan Webster | THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW | Read Full Review


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